The name Hulger is inspired by Nicolas Roope’s grandfather. Hølger was a lawyer who lived contentedly with the same phone, the same car, the same old grandfather clock that ticked slowly and contentedly and the same leather arm-chair for decades. He was of a generation and culture that had resisted the wasteful churn of built-in-obsolescence. He bought lasting products that improved with age. He invested in beautiful technologies that didn’t generate a fear-of-missing-out with every subsequent release.

Hulger wanted to create technological products with this same integrity. To reduce the destructive demand on the world’s resources, but also to settle our souls, with products that genuinely make us feel inspired yet contented and balanced in their ultimate impact.

Hulger is based in London but hold a truly global perspective. We create our own brands and products and partner with brands and companies to co-create new things that align with our values.